Ice melting and trees – why is this important?

Forest fires and global Warming

In 2022 Mette had an Artist Talk on Fredericia Artfestival in Denmark.

I do Artist Talks in Danish or english. On this page, you can find a video with my latest Artist talk.

Mette does Artist Talks about Art and Climate.
Mette on the ice sheet with researches making science within Ice melting. Also Mette talks about why are trees important and why are burning forest connected to Ice melting?
Art and research. Greenland icesheet. art by Mette Hansgaard Copenhagen

Forest fires and weather changes are evidence of climate change, but so is ice melting to a large extent. We just don’t see it as clearly because these are not areas where we normally move.

climate-change-Artist-talk-ice-melt Greenland and planting trees – Why?

Climate change – Are we to late?

Climate change has never been more evident than this year 2023. Forest fires already abound in the summer of 2023 in countries such as Greece, the USA and Spain. Many other countries, including Canada, are also affected by the major global weather changes - which right now are obvious to anyone - who is concerned about the climate changes happening in the world.

Ice melting on the ice sheet in Greenland.

Already in the past three years, the world has been warned about what is happening. Climate summits are held regularly. But those who actually worry about the climate are especially the researchers who work in close contact with nature, and who sometimes put their lives on the line to harvest data that can predict the global state of the planet.

This is one of the reasons why, as an artist, for many years I have followed Professor Jason Box, who is ice climatologist at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. 
Art and climate - Icesheet of Greenland
Walking on the icesheet – you feel how the ice is not hard but appears to melt and it is also getting darker with black dots.

Why is there a connection between ice melting and burning forest? Climate-change are affecting our planet, right now.

As an artist I see connections not from one point of view. I feel mother nature.

I make art with symbolisme inside, and follow research because research has always interested me. Especially trees have my interest. Right now, many forests are burning. Drought, lack of rain and weather changes are taking hold now that the earth’s balance has been broken. Are we too late?

I use my art to tell stories. For eksampel this Tree of live with the story of the Paris Agreement.

Tree-Art_climatechange- Paris Agreement
This painting symbolise the Paris agreement. Inside the tree there are little stories.

Artist talks

Artist Talks by Mette Hansgaard

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