Paintings – Tree of live

Water color paintings

Watercolor Paintings made with a special techniqe.

  • Watercolor Paintings made from inspirations from nature

  • Paintings on Canvas inspired from painting with watercolours – i transeform the colours into canvas paintings.

  • Art on paper and on canvas

Watercolor about the war in Ukraine.

This watercolor was selected for the Fredericia Artfestival in october 2022. This one is painted on paper from Arches.

Her you could find it labelled on a Beer. This watercolor is 80 x 60 cm large painted on rough paper an with watercolors.  Mettes is teaching watercolors on paper.

Ukraine War - watercolor
Watercolor-by-Hansgaard-denmark. Watercolor artist Mette Hansgaard.

Watercolor Artist Mette Hansgaard.

Tree art made with watercolor on paper. Inside there is small stories and mask´s

Tree Art watercolorart by Mette Hansgaard
Tree Art – artist Mette Hansgaard Copenhagen paint symbols in her artworks. Colorful inspirering art on paper or on canvas. Watrecolour art.

Art. The Tree of life.

Painting on canvas. 160 x 150 cm large.

Trees is life - Painting by
Art by Mette Hansgaard. Denmark. Nordic Paintings and inspirations from nature, art and climate. SOLD

Painting with symbols of the Paris Agreement.

This painting is 110 x 90 cm large and is for sale. Acrylic on Canvas.

Tree-Art_climatechange- Paris Agreement
This painting symbolise the paris agreement. inside the tree there are little stories