Contemporary Art by Artist Mette Hansgaard paint nordic paintings.

Mette has been doing exhibitions in Copenhagen,London, Las Vegas, Sweden, Denmark. She was also represented in the international Artbook International Contemporary Artist with her special Watercolors in the year 2010. 

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Contemporary Artist

Nordic art inspired by nature and life, climate art paintings, watercolours, dance performances, sculptures

 A sunstroke hit me in the summer of 1987 after a visit to the Marc Chagall Museum in Nice. After this, a flood of figurative inspiration opened up. This was how my artistic path began: painting figurative, slightly surreal watercolours in large 80 x 60 cm formats. Working with the expression is for me an eternally excellent process. Many exhibitions have been shown over the years. Over 200 in Danish companies – and my art develops day by day.


The Artist’s Method

In 2023, Modern landscapes painted with laser acrylic colours occupy me when I paint. My ambition is to paint with acrylic colours like watercolours, despite the different structures of the colours. The process allows me to let go of the detail and open up to the abstract perspective while making room for the figurative element. This can be seen in my series of modern landscapes. The large blue paintings are inspirations from the cold sea in the north. The method is also used in my climate art paintings from Greenland. Watercolors on paper are also painted, and ceramics are experimented with sculptures. I also dance – and have just attempted my first art performance.

Inspired by mountain landscapes in the north and in Europe

Nature experiences on the edge of the cliff give a sense of living. When you stand on the edge of a cliff, you can feel walking on the border between life and death in harmony with nature. This is where I get my inspiration for painting modern mountain landscapes. It provides stories about people who have survived in the harsh wilderness.


Paintings with figurative stories in trees and with the forest as inspiration

Paintings with the forest in focus come in tandem with walks in Denmark. Birch trees with whimsical figures cutting their motif through the bark are key to the imagination in the Birch Trees series of paintings. The trees form the setting for adventures you can find in paintings of birch forests. One of my characteristics is that the little sudden stories that emerge the more you look at the pictures. It is the energy of life that comes with strong stories. Most recently, I have painted paintings with the Tree of life – and stories in the trees.

Ukraine War - watercolor

Climate art is a theme that I also express in my art.

Science Inspired by Art (first published in 2000)

In 2000, when I was 23 years old, I painted an exhibition about the environment, research and technology. The exhibition was a symbolic exhibition on research topics. The art project was supported by foundations and had 992 visitors. The painting took three years. A 170 x 130 cm painting of the Danish Satellite Ørsted Satellite hangs today in DTU Space. It is a Danish university.

Climate art 2019.

Inspired by the UN’s climate goals, I started painting art for the climate again in 2019. I made a series of watercolours about fish and plastic in the oceans. Where fish are packed in plastic and how they enter the food chain. The same sculptural theme appears again in my contemporary art dance from Greenland, recorded on film in the summer of 2023. In this art dance, I tell stories about how we are not careful with the earth’s resources. It is a salute to Mother Earth.

Art by Mette Hansgaard. Turtle in plastic watercolor painting, Climatechange

Climate art 2022

 I took part in a trip to Greenland in 2022 with climate scientists and a TV crew. We took part in a tree project and had the opportunity to be part of the ice sheet. Here I got a chance to use my art to create a climate art event. After landing on the ice with a helicopter, we were dropped off. The plan was to walk 15 km down to the sea. We slept in tents on the ice and had food and small flares with us for cooking. I brought watercolours and a painting and made an art arrangement with rainwater and watercolour on canvas on the way there. I only had an hour because a storm was coming.

art and research painted on canvas by artist Mette Hansgaard Copenhagen

Trees in Greenland

We have also planted trees in southern Greenland to help nature get CO2 into the ground. The project also supports children and young people in having contact with nature in a different way than they are used to. Due to climate change, there are more trees in southern Greenland than there have been in many years.

klima-kunst-greenland. Photo Jason Box.

Climate – Art

 As a volunteer, I helped plant 300 – 500 trees together with the organization Greenland Trees. On the trip in the summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to make my dance performance about plastic and the earth’s resources.

Nordic paintings, inspired by ice melting in Greenland and global warming, is a subject that I am currently thinking about. The world is changing. Temperatures are rising, and the weather is changing worldwide – that’s why there are more floods in Europe. In some of my artworks, I tell stories about climate through art – an important message.

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Mette exhibits in art associations, institutions and galleries in Denmark by appointment.
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Contemporary Art for tv productions

Danmarks Radio, Når ulven kommer – when the wolwes are coming. 2021.
Stand in – Christmas calender scenes. 
Online production of how to paint watercolors 2022. Watercolor Teacher from 2017.

Nordic international artist Mette Hansgaard Copenhagen.

Nordic Art Paintings & Art project

Hi my name is Mette Hansgaard, I am an danish artist working with art since 1987.

For many years I have been working on my art in Copenhagen. I do water colors and Acrylic on canvas paintings. I also play with clay in my Cheramic studio in Scacksgade Cheramic Studio.

Also clay. I do have experimented with some installation projects. You can find contemporary art in my collection in Copenhagen and make exhibitions in your Gallery if we make an art/ gallery contract.


Contemporary Art MHKunst by Mette Hansgaard Nordic paintings

Art for TV productions
Danmarks Radio, Når ulven kommer – when the wolwes are coming. 2021. (Flowers Watercolors)
Stand in – Christmas calender scenes. 
Online production of how to paint watercolors 2022. Teacher

Contemporary Artist Mette Hansgaard

Mettes is working on Paintings inspired by nordic nature. Iceland, Greenland and norway and trees from Denmark.

2022. H.C. Andersen Art exhibition denmark. Contemporary art

Censored Artbooks

Selected for Artbooks:

2010. International Contemporary Masters 2010.

101 Artist by Tom Jørgensen 2022.


Selection of Art exhibitions and Art projects by Mette Hansgaard

Juried exhibitions

2023  “Kunstpunkt” juried exhibitions, Augustenborg Denmark
2023 “Roskilde Open”. censureret udstilling i Palæfløjen. Roskilde. Denmark
2023  “Limfjordens censurerede udstilling”. Struer. Denmark
2023 “Bugten” – Portalen Greve. Censureret udstilling. Køge. Denmark
2023 September. “Bugten-2 – Portalen Greve. Køge Kunstforening. Denmark
2022, november. Fredericia Artfestival, Jutland – selected as artist on the festival Beer. Also Artist Talk.
2021 August. Juried exhibition. H.C. Andersen festival. 3 watercolor paintings approved.

International Exhibitions

2023 Berlin, KühlhausBerlinI am planning to visit Berlin 14. – 15. October 2023 – This artfair, Creative Mind, went bankroupt. So it is Cancelled : (
2022 Paris, Artmoney project about Climate and Oceans. Inspired by Climate goals.
2010 Las Vegas, USA, June with an International Contemporary Art. U.S. Artbook. (3 paintings)
2007 London, The Danish Art Club. (2 paintings)
1999 Kunsthuset, Barbacka i Kristiansstad, Sweden. (15 paintings)

Exhibitions of Mette Hansgaard
2023, Viborg Artfair, Jutland. Denmark – Marts. 1-2. 2023
2023 Berlin, KühlhausBerlinI am planning to visit Berlin 14. – 15. October 2023 – Cancelled
2023, Galleri Samsø, June to september 2023.
2023 Portalen, Exhibition hall. Greve Denmark. January. Group exhibition.
2022 Art and Climate expedition to Greenland – Art for climate change
2020 Kunst for Alle. Copenhagen
2018 Art Fair – Art for All. Kunst for Alle Copenhagen

Kunst-auf-jurierter-Ausstellung 2023 – september.

2007 Danish Art club, London
2015 Kunstbygning Filosoffen, Fyn
2012 Galleri Gilberg, Fredericia
2012 Galleri Bomhuset
2012 Copenhagen Art Fair
2011 Debut Exhibition i Galleri Bomhuset, Christianshavn
2011 Church decoration are printet in a book about danish churches
2011 Art gives lives, Rotary 
2011 Copenhagen Art Fair
2010 Las Vegas, USA, June with an International Artboook

2005 Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg
2002 Irma – bag (Bag in a supermarked with art on)
2002 Helligåndshuset, Boye Willumsen, Irene From. M.fl.
2000 Helligåndshuset, separate exhibition about environment, Science and Tecknology (948 visitors)
1999 Exhibitionhouse: Møstingshus, Frederiksberg
1999 Kunsthuset, Barbacka i Kristiansstad, Sweden
1998 Carlsberg Museum
1998 Galleri Gammel Strand
1997 Galleri Jutta Pregaard, Aabenraa
1997 Møstingshus, Frederiksberg
1996 Carlsberg-museum 1996

Kunstbygning Slagelse January 2022. Denmark
Art by Mette Hansgaard
2002 – 2010. Made for Lemvig Müller/ Original for Louis Poulsen´s daughter company. Art by Mette Hansgaard

Ornaments (Large)
2016  DSB Wall painting in a Cantine
2015  Metro Wall – 27 x 4 Meter wall in Copenhagen
2010  Lemvig Müller,
2002  Ornament, Alterpiece from Church,  Skovvejskirken, Digterparken 1, Ballerup 
2001  Ornament in the Bella Center, Scandinavian Schoecenter
2000  Danish Space Center – satelittes (DTU)
2000  Painting for Rotary in connection for crownprince Frederiks foundation
           for children in Qaarnarq,Greenland.
           The painting was sold for about 40.000 Dkr.
1998  Membership bord for Hans Michael Jebsen from The Royal Danish Shooting members.
(Det Kgl. Kjøbenhavnske Skydeselskab and Danske Broderskab)

Happy wall – where people could meet and talk – 2015.
Titel: Where Imagination meets. Artstreet event painting for the Metro Company

2015. Artstreet by Mette Hansgaard. Metro-station. Happy Art by Mette. 27 meter x 4 meter. Photo by Photografer Thomas Hauerslev

Environment, Science and Technology project – Year 2000

Ørstedsatelitten Danish satelit
Year: 2000 Ørstedsatelitten Danish satelite. Science Painting.

Funds received for Special Art project. The year 2000

Grants received from foundations for the art project on environmental research and technology in 2000. Emma og Frederik Kraghs mindefond, fra Lund/Bugge fond, Professor Gottfried og Gerda Eickhoffs fond, Glashandler Johan Franz Ronges fond. Paintings about Health, Climate, Clooning Dolly, Oceans, Ice, Satelittes, Quants Technology. Environment where painting and showed in Copenhagen.


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