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Artproject within Art and Climate

Art and Science

Mette Hansgaard is very interested in science and Art painting to tell the story for Climate change. Sometimes I dedicate my time to do Art and science and Art for Climate to tell the story of the changes our planet needs. This special art tell´s a story with symbolic stories.

Ice Melting 2022

Painting from october 2022 after art and climate ekspedition to Greenland.

When the heart melts it doesn’t come back.

Art and science painted on canvas by artist Mette Hansgaard Copenhagen, 2022. September. 

Art Tree´s and CO2.
This tree is a symbol of the Paris agreement

Tree-Art_climatechange- Paris Agreement
This painting symbolise the paris agreement. inside the tree there are little stories. 110 x 90 cm Price: 9.800.- DKK

Artprojects about Art and Science by Mette Hansgaard

When I work with science as an inspiration, the exhibitions are made after a period of reading and by following Scientist who are good at sharing there knowledge. This gives inspirations.
Then I see pictures inside my mind and the work with the paintings starts a working proces. Working on art takes place in the studio in Copenhagen, where I have my ART-studio in Copenhagen Artstreet.

climate bomb - art for climate
Art for Climate and science – Plastic in oceans. Climate bomb – 2020 – Watercolor Art.

Here are 3 project I have been doing so far.

Art by Mette Hansgaard. Turtle in plastic watercolor painting, 2020 Climatechange

Artproject in the year 2000, when I was in my twenty´s.

In the year 1997 – 2000 I spent 3 years studying about research in various scientific developments. To make a living at the same time I worked day and night to make money to as a secretary and to do my artproject.

Along the way, I created 12 different paintings with science themes. The paintings were painted as paintings with symbolism.

Ørstedsatelitten Danish satelit
The Danish Satellite Ørstedsatelitten. Painted in 1999. Exhibition about Science, Techonolgy by Mette Hansgaard.

The Themes was:

  • Medical Science and health
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Ozonlager
  • Sattellittes monitoring
  • satellite monitoring oceans
  • How to move to other planets in the solarsystem
  • Cloning of animals. Dolly the Sheep.
  • Bose-Einstein Kondensatet – How to stop the light atoms
  • Affection babyes before they are born.
  • Characteristics of babies and our impact on future skills and diseases by affecting genetic



Nordic international artist Mette Hansgaard Copenhagen.


Mette does Artist Talk´s

In september 2022 Mette went to the Ice Sheet with Professor Jason Box and his crew of scientist.