Paintings inspired by the nordic nature

Paintings by MHKunst by Mette Hansgaard

The stories in nature. Paintings with inspirations from nature in Scandinavia.

Modern Art paintings by Mette from Denmark 2023

  • Painting on canvas
  • Watercolor Paintings

I do Art exhibitions in Galleries and culturelle places. Also in Companies. Feel free to contact me if you are a

commission Gallery in fx Germany or in Europe or Scandinavia and want to exhibit my art in your Gallery.


Artist Mette Hansgaard Denmark. Painting inspired by nordic mountains from norway and Greenland

Nordic Paintings by Mette Hansgaard 2023 in my studio in Copenhagen.

Tree-Art_climatechange- Paris Agreement
This painting symbolise the paris agreement. inside the tree there are little stories

My latest video on youtube (in danish)