Art Exploration to Greenland. Art experiment on the icesheet – to symbolise that the icesheet is melting.

In august 2022 Artist Mette Hansgaard is traveling to Greenland with and Art and Climate project.

The travel will have focus on the climate change and nature.

Klima Kunst by Mette Hansgaard

The Icesheet is melting

Greenland is covered with a big icesheet. Due to global warming this is melting faster than ever. Visiting the icesheet with a group of scientist made it possible to do an Art on Ice to symbolise that the water melts.

“Everything in this panting is actually melting into each other like the colors are floating and it is raining here so everytime the colors gets wet the colors starts to run.

You can se it makes like lines in the paint and now you can see all the changes in the canvas. so the rain and the weather affects the painting the same way as the weather affect the ice in a way.”


Professor and Climatologist Jason Box is an expert within Ice melting.

View more videos about icemelting here where you can follow the scientific news about the Icesheet.

Found out why Rain effect the icesheet by following Jason Box.

Art and Climate. Watercolor painting on the icesheet on Greenland. Artist Mette Hansgaard painting on the Icesheet after hicking down 15 km. September 2022
In september 2022 Mette Hansgaard was painting a painting below the icesheet after walking
15 kilometer down from the Icesheet with a group of Scientist.
Artist Mette Hansgaard painted on the icesheet due to art and climate exploration.

Science Meets Fiction – Marketplace

Art exploration by Mette Hansgaard icesheet walking
Hicking down the icesheet in Greenland and painting art to show the impact of climate change
Art and Climate - Iceberg from the icesheet
Iceberg. Photo by Mette Hansgaard, Artist – Art and Climate

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