Planting Trees on Greenland

Feel Free to read more here if you want to support Greenland Trees:

Greenland Trees | Climate awareness by planting trees

Climate awareness by planting trees is a new mission for the organisation

Together with the organisation Greenland trees I supported the project voluntarily on my Art and Climate Expedition in august 2022.


Planting trees with local teatchers

Trees are helping the planet by draw down atmospheric CO2 into new forests.

Forrest on Greenland gives the greenlandic society the posibility to emphasizing youth engagement and to support the schools in Greenland with education.


The project also support for restore the landscape in a degraded former military bases and other urbanized environments. During the work the forrest will also increase biodiversity and support forest research in cooperation with local people in Greenland.

Greenland -  Climatechange - art and climate
Greenland – Climatechange – art and climate

Professor Jason Box explaining about the trees to the School children.

Painting inspirations on Canvas – close to the forrest.

Watercolors with nordic light – Aurora Borelias

I do watercolor teaching and have a danish programme within learning how to paint the Aurora Borelias.

See more here at Kunst og kurser


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